nothx (k0dama) wrote in ragnarokonline,

New RO2

No more novice: In RO2 you start with a job.

....and where is merchant? Rumor is that there is none.

Concept sketches:

Seamstress / Steamster job (How will this work? Will users be able to submit their own 3D designs?
How will they implement this without compromising the game's stability?)


(Medical) Doctor


NPC designs:

Also, Kafra Shelphy (Selphy) from the first RO2 game will be in the new RO2.

Scenery from the game:

Small country town... reminds me of Hodmimes from RO2.

Big old castle and no clock tower... looks like Prontera.
That horse statue reminds me a lot of the tall statue in RO2's last Prontera square.

Prontera Culverts/Sewers?

That fin-shaped roof design reminds me of those mermaid people that could be found right outside of Hodmimes, on the beach.

PS: The new RO2 CBT starts at the end of this month.
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