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Vigrith : Panfandom/OC Roleplaying Game

I hope no one minds a little RP advertising.

vigrith is a panfandom roleplaying game that will be taking place in an alternate world of Midgard. Many familiar elements of the mmorpg are still included, as well as new elements to suit the overarching plot-line that will be occurring over the course of the game.

RO-based original characters are more than welcome, as are fandom characters, so we hope you'll check us out!

            ... to Midgard, the home of the nations of Rune-Midgarts, Schwartzvald, Arunafeltz, and a variety of independent islands where adventure and opportunity await. At least, it used to be. One year ago, a powerful demon escaped from his prison under the desert town of Morroc and demolished it along with the surrounding area. Numerous adventurers lost their lives in the battle against Satan Morroc, but the best they could do was weaken him. Injured, Satan Morroc ripped open a portal in the Sograt Desert and fled Midgard. The remnants of his evil continued to linger: adventurers fell prey to monsters stronger and more aggressive than normal, towns felt the pressure of attacks from evils once thought fictional, and the weather grew unforgiving.
     In Ash Vacuum, the place to where Satan Morroc retreated, a research team composed of some of the most brilliant individuals from the three major nations noticed something amiss in the magical wave pattern of the portal the demon had created. Something was coming. Alerting a guild of adventurers notorious for their abilities and conduct, the team assigned direct responsibility of whatever was coming through directly to the guild.
     That, of course, would be you. Welcome to Whispers of Loki. We’re glad to have you.

... is a panfandom, OC-friendly role play situated in the vast world of Midgard. Your character has been pulled from their home world into this one, where they will find themselves members of a guild aboard the independent airship Sleipnir. Until Midgard returns to normal, they're stuck with this guild and whatever adventures it gets involved with. Luckily, there are trainers on board who are more than willing to help you learn the class system in Midgard, and there is a whole new world waiting for you to explore. However chaotic it may be at the moment.


vigrith     vigrithooc

Takeoff on 01/23/2011.

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