ciphergarm (ciphergarm) wrote in ragnarokonline,

Sniper leveling question and other stuff

Hey everybody, I need some help. I'm currently playing on renewal with VIP bonus but I've hit a wall exp wise, I'm playing a sniper and I'm currently at 94/51. TIs seem to give me almost a level right now but bounties hardly yet yield anything and my gear kind of sucks so when I try doing stuff closer to my level I have to burn through healing items a lot nowadays. I have an agility build which has worked best up until now, I tried one with vit instead using some extra reset stones but it went horribly. I'm planning to go for the hybrid arrow storm/auto warg build when/if I hit ranger.

Should I just stick to TIs at this point and grind on roweens forever? They give me about .1%.

Also I was wondering: what class is more expensive to finance gear wise, a mvp killer geneticist or a sorcerer with a build leaning toward more soloing. I have a wizard but am dissatisfied with the class' survival capabilities and other things, yes I have a phen and heal clip. I really want to make a caster character but hear sorcerers are extremely expensive. The only reason I'm considering a geneticist at all is because I think homonculi are awesome.

Anyways, thanks for any help.
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